The Camphill Resident’s Trust has a Board of Trustees consisting of sponsors, family members, representatives from Camphill communities and other advocates. The Trust also has an Administrator and legal counsel.

Board of Trustees

Trustee profiles 2022-10

Investments Management

Investment Principles

The long-term financial goal of the CRT is grounded in the understanding that CRT assets support the well-being of beneficiaries, often throughout their lifetime.

The Trust’s primary investment objectives are to maintain the real purchasing power of each trust account’s assets, provide sufficient liquidity to meet the supplemental needs of beneficiaries, and provide a stable source of income to cover each Trust account’s expenses. Assets are diversified across and within asset classes to balance risk and return.

As the CRT moves toward more socially responsible holdings, our investment managers are encouraged to select equity investments that support social justice, promote peace, mitigate environmental degradation, address poverty and foster healthy communities.

Click here to view the Investment Policy Statement including the Investment Philosophy in Appendix A.

Corporate Custodian

The Board appoints a Corporate Custodian of the Trust assets which is responsible for the investment portfolio’s management and financial reporting. The Investment Policy Statement, reviewed annually by the Board, provides guidance and limitations for the management of CRT assets. KeyBank currently serves as the CRT’s corporate custodian. Click here for information about KeyBank.


Investment Committee

The Board has established an Investment Committee which regularly reviews the long-term investment strategy and provides policy recommendations and asset allocation updates for consideration by the Board. Overseen by the Investment Committee, the Custodian implements the Investment Policy with attention to portfolio objectives, liquidity needs, tax consequences and risk tolerance. The Committee, in conjunction with the Custodian, also provides the Board with ongoing performance reports and analysis.

Other Expertise

Additional specialists, such as attorneys, auditors, accountants, tax specialists, and other experts may be employed at times by the Trust in meeting its responsibilities and obligations to administer the Trust’s assets prudently.

Assets under Management

Established in 1989, the CRT has 70 individual Trust accounts with a market value on December 31, 2022, of more than $3.8 million.

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