Establishing an Account

An initial deposit of as little as $3,000 can open an account with the remaining $12,000 to be deposited within two years. A completed sponsorship agreement between the sponsor(s) and the Camphill Resident’s Trust accompanies the initial deposit to establish the account.

Potential sponsors are encouraged to share information about the Camphill Resident’s Trust with their financial advisor or legal counsel.

Disbursement Decisions

Each beneficiary’s Trust account is maintained separately and these funds are used solely for his or her benefit. Individuals most closely in touch with or knowledgeable about the daily well-being of the beneficiary, including family members, submit requests for disbursements to benefit the beneficiary.

The CRT Board, in collaboration with these individuals, reviews the request to assure proper use of funds under the terms of the Trust agreement. Legal responsibility for approval of withdrawals resides with the Trustees. The interaction among those concerned with the beneficiary’s well-being is a basic Camphill principle.

Camphill Villager


Sponsors of accounts receive quarterly reports showing all activity including the account balance, deposits, withdrawals, tax payments, fees, income, and investment gains or losses. Sponsors may choose to designate an alternate contact(s) to receive these reports and to advocate for the beneficiary in the event the sponsor is no longer able to actively participate.

Camphill community administrators receive periodic listings of the individuals in their community with a CRT account.

Additional Contributions

Additional deposits in amounts of $100 or more can be made at any time to an established CRT account. Such additions can be made by sponsors or other individuals, not only during their lifetime but also as provisions in their estate. Families are requested to give careful consideration to potential long-term needs of the beneficiary as part of a full estate-planning process.

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